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How to submit a listing on PetroMehras


Login on PetroMehras through LOGIN Page.


Fill in listing form and submit your listing.


PetroMehras marketing consultant will contact you.

Basic Listing

This service enables you to create a basic listing of your products and services on PetroMehras.
  • Create Summary Listing. Check live samples here.
  • Create Detail Listing profile. Check live samples here.
  • Fully describe your products and services features; up to 3000 characters.
  • One-click access to your products/services "homepage", "download page", "forum", etc.
  • Share your products/services profile on social media.
  • Add your products, services and company logo.
  • Highlight your products/services features by adding up to six software snapshots.
  • Provide in-depth technical details by uploading products/services brochures and technical papers.
  • Real-time listing statistics "Hits" and "Visits" figures. These figures are displayed at the bottom of Summary listing and top-right side of Detail listing profiles.
  • Company name and physical address on Google Map.

Featured Listing

This service displays your listing "main logo" on PetroMehras homepage.
  • Drives more traffic to your products/services listing detail page directly from PetroMehras homepage.
  • Highlighted listing on summary listing page. Check live samples here.
  • One-click access to your detailed products/services profile. Check live samples here.
  • Increase your products/services profile popularity and visibility
  • Display listing in "Featured Listing" module, using shuffling technology* on PetroMehras homepage

* "Featured Listing" Module displays limited number of product/service profiles at a time. This option shuffles between marked listings as "Featured Listing" and randomly pick them every time PetroMehras homepage is loaded. read more ...

Listing Analytics

This service provides your prospective customers' geo-location.
  • Daily, monthly and yearly graphs of listing(s) visitors
  • Identigy prospective customers' geo-graphical location
  • Identify new geo-markets to expand your business
  • Monitor which of your listings has the most visitors/popularity
  • Monitor the number of your listings' visitors
  • Quantitave analyses of email marketing campaign results
Listing Analytics
Listing Analytics

Email Marketing

This service increases brand awareness and identifies the most interested customers to your products/services.
  • Precise target marketing based on E&P professionals' discipline and location
  • Target more than 50,000 E&P professionals, 480 NOCs and service companies
  • Drive traffic to your listing from users' inbox
  • Build relationships, loyalty and trust with your targeted professionals
  • Inexpensive and highly effective way to increase your listing popularity
  • Monitor and analyze listing traffic from email-marketing campaign(s) through "Hits" and "Visits" figures.
Email Marketing Template 1

LinkedIn Marketing

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Content Marketing

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