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Efficient reservoir development requires a good understanding of reservoir and production systems. MBAL helps the engineer better define reservoir drive mechanisms and hydrocarbon volumes. This is a prerequisite for reliable simulation studies. MBAL is commonly used for modelling the dynamic reservoir effects prior to building a numerical simulator model. MBAL contains the classical reservoir engineering tool and has redefined the use of Material Balance in modern reservoir engineering. For existing reservoirs, MBAL provides extensive matching facilities. Realistic production profiles can be run for reservoirs with or without history matching. MBAL is an intuitive program with a logical structure that enables the reservoir engineer to develop reliable reservoir models quickly. Reservoir Engineering Tool Material Balance This incorporates the classical use of Material Balance calculations for history matching through graphical methods (like Havlena-Odeh, Campbell, Cole etc.). Detailed PVT models can be constructed (both black oil and compositional) for oils, gases and condensates. Furthermore, predictions can be made with or without well models and using relative permeabilities to predict the amount of associated phase productions. Forecast Well and Reservoir Performance PVT
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