• rscCBM Petroleum Engineering Software Application

The rscCBM program provides the user with versatile coalbed methane volumetrics analysis tools. The program incorporates standard Langmuir parameters obtained from laboratory analysis of coalbed core samples and has a feature-rich set of calculation procedures to provide useful, reliable results. The volumetrics program presents a graphical representation of results for each zone, seam or well, which can be printed. Data validation and enhanced navigation are used extensively. In each case where calculated results are anticipated in the program, the user may optionally override such calculations. Those changes will be evident to the user by a change in background color. That is especially important when no lab data is available and calculations are entered manually rather than basing them on Langmuir parameters. The templates in rscCBM are large by design and use “frozen panes” to facilitate data entry and visualization of graphical results. That could create difficulties for users with low-resolution graphics displays. To compensate, the program automatically detects the user’s display settings to set or eliminate frozen panes.

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