PHDWin Economics

Highlighted Economic Functionality

  • Advanced modeling for prices, expenses, taxes and royalties
  • Link to common price, expense, tax or royalty models
  • Sophisticated ownership modeling
    • Automated group reversions
    • Multiple ownership decks
    • Advanced reporting for combining ownerships at report time
  • Expandable product, revenue, expense and tax streams. Add any revenue or expense category you need!
  • Investment grouping and tracking for capital budgeting

Unparalleled Automated Group Calculations

Group calculations affecting multiple cases like those associated with units and platforms have never been easier! PHDWin has the MOST advanced, automated and representative group modeling that previously had to be done manually.

  • Platform/Unit (Group Economic Limit) Calculations
  • Gross or Net Summary Graphs
  • Allocated revenues, expenses, taxes or investments between cases
  • Group Ownership Reversions

Dynamic Linking

  • Recompletion Tree allows the easiest modeling and managing of recompletion cases where the economic limit of one zone controls the start date of the next.
  • Managing and calculating true wedge (incremental) economics has never been easier.

International Modeling

Comprehensive U.S., Canadian and International economics for both before and after income tax considerations are available.

All fiscal regimes can be modeled within a single database. Each case can be worked in its native units, currency and economical model. At report time, a common currency and unit convention is selected for individual and summary reports, and all the conversions are handled by PHDWin on the fly. Yes, it really is that simple.

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