PHDWin; Decline Curves

Truly Integrated Decline Curves

Most economics and decline curve products claim to be integrated. With PHDWin, this is a fact!
Only PHDWin can display results like cumulative discounted cash flow, estimated ultimate recovery and the final economic limit date IMMEDIATELY on a graph after any modification. Now that gives a whole new meaning to quick results!

Easy-to-Manage Decline Curves

PHDWin graphics are the most robust and flexible while remaining easy-to-use. No other system offers more variety in editing decline curves and calculating estimated ultimate recovery. Here is a sampling of the options:

  • Three auto fit options or direct curve parameter inputs
  • Drag-and-drop projections or copy an analogous trend
  • View multiple projections on a single graph
  • Reconcile decline estimates with in-place volumes
  • Project rate-time or rate-cum


Volumetric calculator is integrated with the decline curves to calculate in-place volumes and automatically display recovery factor percentages.

Gas Material Balance

Project BHP/Z to calculate in-place gas volumes that are linked to the gas decline curve.

Presentation Quality Graphics

PHDWin allows for unsurpassed flexibility in customizing graph layouts. Choose up to six different products with 5 different forecasts for each product on a single graph. Select colors, line styles, and create annotations. These and other features allow concepts to be easily communicated visually.

Estimate Reserves

Companies need to know how much they have already produced, how much is left to produce, and the total estimated economic recovery. PHDWin can provide all this and more!

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