ML Pro - Mud-Logging Software

Development of mud-logging software was initiated by an extensive survey on platforms present in the market and extraction of their advantages and disadvantages. Based on the knowledge and expertise of MTC specialists, it was then natively designed. Such original design has the major advantage of customizability and every needed parameter can be added to the software. MAPSA Technology Center’s Mud-Logging Software also has the advantages of considerable computational speed and graphical display through the application of up to date and efficient software development technologies. This lends ML Pro technical superiority to its worldwide counterparts in terms of computational speed and user friendly graphical interface. Drilling parameters are calculated based on data from sensors and illustrated in different ways.

check app. here ML-Pro Mud-Logging Petroleum Engineering Software Application

Capabilities and Advantages of Software Section

User Interface:

  • User-Friendly Interface with Customized Options in Graphical Panel
  • Support for Diverse Gauges and the Ability to Add Graphical Gauges
  • Application of Advanced and Vivid Graphs with High Customizability
  • Addition of Comments to Plots and PDF Export
  • Usage of Software and Rig Activity Smart Notification System (Software and Hardware Notifications)
  • Complete Well Schematics with Illustrations of Mud-Flow and Bit Rotating as well as positioning and movement of Added Samples in Real Scale
  • Support for Central Unit Systems as well as Predefined SI, Metric, Field and FPS Unit Systems and Customizability of Software Central Unit System
  • Support for Polar Graphs and Section Plots in Deviated Well Schematics

check app. here ML-Pro Mud-Logging Petroleum Engineering Software Application

Computational Modules:

  • Drilling Hydraulic Analysis: Supporting 5 Fluid Types Including Newtonian, Bingham Plastic, Power Law Herschel Buckley and API and Illustration of Calculations in well
  • profile details as well as Precise Drilling Bit Calculations
  • Deviation Survey Calculations: Calculation of Deviated Well Parameters
  • Option to Add Drilling Fluid Sample up and down the well in addition to Online Observation and Tracking of Sample in Well Profile
  • Kick Detection Analysis: Detection and Analysis of Kick Occurrence Probability

check app. here ML-Pro Mud-Logging Petroleum Engineering Software Application

Data Export and Reports:

  • Integrated High Performance Database
  • Capability to Export Reports on all saved data within different time and depth ranges and based on Rig Activity (Drilling, Cementing, Reaming, Coring, etc.)
  • Ability to Save Reports in Different Formats: ASCII، EXCEL، XML، WTISML (log, mudlog), LAS

Option to Choose Drill String and Casing Elements from API Standards Tables Implemented in Software Database.

check app. here ML-Pro Mud-Logging Petroleum Engineering Software Application

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